Hairstyles for Long Hair 2013

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Long Shag Hairstyles Ideas

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Shag hairstyles are unique hairstyles that offer many kinds of advantages and versatility for its user. Form short shag hairstyles to the long shag hairstyles, these hairstyles have many kinds of variation you can choose. Shag is unique hairstyles that use the innovative new style other than multilayered hair feature and the traditional mullet feature. Shag hairstyles give you subtle and complex hairstyles that give you wild and free looks. Shag hairstyles can make you look more free and charming because the pattern of the hair appears a bit random.

Another difference of shag hairstyles is the unkempt looks. Long shag hairstyles that look unkempt will give the user unique appearance when compared with the two basic layer type hairstyles and the mullet hairstyles. The innovative unkempt and random appearance gives shag a different personality. You can say that shag hairstyles will give you progressive looks that focusing on the purpose, balance and the structure of the hair itself. There are two popular shag hairstyles which are the red rock west and Blondie love.

The first Long shag hairstyles is the red rock west. As it name implies this hairstyles utilize the red color as its basic hair color. To make these hairstyles you need to apply strong and heavy fringe juxtaposed model. You can utilize this by disconnecting the layers of your hair. This means you will create random gap in your hair. Remember to use light spray wax to separate the layer. The second shag hairstyle is the Blondie love. In these hairstyles you need to shatter the layer of your hair so you get sleek look. These hairstyles will give you free and wild appearance. For finishing touch, do not forget to add sea salt texturing spray that can give your hair better movement.

Long Shag Hairstyles Ideas

These are some Long Shag Hairstyles that might help to give you some ideas:

long shaq hairstyle1 Long Shag Hairstyles Ideas

long shaq hairstyle2 Long Shag Hairstyles Ideas

long shaq hairstyle3 Long Shag Hairstyles Ideas

long shaq hairstyle4 Long Shag Hairstyles Ideas

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